Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More fun stuff this week...

I must be on some kind of major roll this week, I have three more bodies prepped and ready to paint, along with some solid progress on an EDH costume I've had going for forever and a day!

The Egytian Dancing Horse costume is one of those things that once you sit down and get cracking on it, it can go fast! It's just wanting to sit and stare at 1.5 mm dots all day that gets me most of the time, they make my head hurt!

The bodies are for a SM painting contest I hope I will have time to get at least one of them done for, they include an OM SM Arabian stallion, an OM SM ASB made into a stallion, and an OM SM TB mare with new mane and tail and reworked ears and eyes. I'll post pics of them soon, for now I'll leave you with a pic of the EDH in progress! Off to bed! (so early for me!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Progress, sweet progress...

Wheeee! Just finished a new piece last night- an AA Arabian Knight in Dapple Bay, and am getting closer on the other one, (that is trying to break me, but it won't work!) a leopard appy Oberon, both pieces are trade paintjobs in exchange for other minis! Once they are done, I will be once again painting for my own collection, which consist of a lot of nekkid bodies right now! It will also free me up to work on the final 4 commission tack pieces I have taken, which will be wonderful to have all done! (2 EDH costumes, a halter and a halter collar set!)