Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Third Annual Holiday Halter sale!

Yep, I have been bugging you all with my holiday sale three years running, whew! *giggles*

Actually I am very proud to have quite a few new pieces to offer this year, and a few more on the way if I can get my errand running out of the way this week and get to my desk! The 5 pictured here are all available as of the time I am writing this, except for the copper/gold one, I have someone interested in it. (but wanted to share the picture anyway! ;0) ) I can be reached via email at mrsmelissage "at" msn "dot" com if anyone is interested in one of the pieces! (all priced at 35.00 except for the mini halter, which is 25.00)

Thanks for reading, I'm off to go take care of more pre holiday crazyness!