Saturday, October 11, 2008


There are times when 'it' just comes to you, for whatever reason, things just become more effortless, lately that has not been the case for me at all, until this week. I am seeing things differently for the first time in a long while, having lots of great nights of great progress, and that makes me feel so much better. My laundry pile has suffered due to this great burst of creative energy, but my commission pile is getting smaller and smaller! I'll put up a few pics of the most recent completions and good old WIP's, a few of which should be finished by next week, what a relief!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I think I know what I'm doing...:0)

At least it is starting to feel that way around here, lol. This little guy has been the single most difficult thing I have done in regards to finishwork, but will be one of the more rewarding tasks I have completed...when he's completed that is.

I received Mr. Oberon in the mail from England in December of last year (my that's embarrassing!) and he immediately began giving me troubles.

He had a few layers of primer and previous color on him, and needed a few tweaks before I could be satisfied enough to put my finishwork on him (mostly because I'd be horrified to have a customer find something I missed while prepping, eek!), but nothing too major. So he received a Power dissolver bath and a new prep and prime, and was ready for action...or so I thought. We received word that we would be moving, so I needed to pack up my models to get the house ready for sale, so mister Obie in his fresh new primer coat was placed away in a tote to be brought to the new house, where he would begin coming to life finally in May!
I began his coloring in a way I thought would give me good tone and balance, by pastelling a base coat, as I was aiming for a roany look at first...but he had different ideas for sure! I'm going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking (it's past 1am again...tee hee..) but I think it's a neat transformation to see the various stages he's gone through to get where I'm fairly happy with how he looks! He's still far from finished, but has come a really long way so far, finished pictures should be up within the week! Stay tuned!
(top is first pic, they get more recent as you scroll down!)