Friday, January 16, 2009

Carousel Costumes, for models?

Yes! I finished my first Carousel Horse costume this week, and wanted to share a few pictures here, and a little backstory I guess too!

When I first started cruising ebay, in early 2003, I ran across a seller Chey Ann Silver Fox (and I may have just butchered the first name, sorry, it's been a long time!) who was selling the coolest thing I had ever seen, Model Horse Carousel Costumes, all made out of leather, tooled and painted, and just awesome. I thought I would love to buy one one day, but I waited too long, as she dropped out of the hobby and no longer makes these lovely costumes! I managed to contact her though ebay (can't for the life of me recall her user ID anymore, gah.) about 2 years ago, and she was very nice, but said she probably won't be doing any more for now, but maybe some time in the distant future.

Fast forward to a few months back, one of the bead stores I buy from online was having a clearance on some really cool Swarovski crystals so I bought some, not knowing what I 'd be doing with them. So I get the crystals and begin to think of what I could use them for, and then I looked at my monitor and the wallpaper I currently was using, of Carousel horses from the Idaho State Fair I took the summer before last! Click!

So to make a long story kind of shorter, here it is, the first Carousel costume from my studio...but not the last, these things are fun!