Sunday, July 5, 2009

NAN wins to report!

Woot! Ok,, but I am so excited! Last weekend was NAN as I am sure you guys know, and it went rather well! I was able to get a top 10 in CM Saddleseat on Friday with my Knightly Cadence resin, ( painted by myself) in his Jennifer Buxton tack, he looked great!

I left kind of early on Friday, but Saturday I was there for most of the show, and took home some more pretty ribbons...and TWO Championships! Woot!

I was thrilled to hear my name come up for the top 10 in the Arabian Costume class, and almost hit the floor when I heard My horse's name as the Champion of the class! The set (red EDH set) he was wearing was finished in Portland on Thursday at my Dad's kitchen table, I am so glad I got it done in time. The other set (black and gold costume) I had entered in the class placed on two judge's cards, so I must be doing something right, the class was HUGE!

I floated around for a while, so happy with my results so far, then put my Dressage entry up later in the afternoon. I was so happy again to have my name called for the top ten, and, wonder of wonders I was eventually called for Champion again! The spectacular dressage set was made by Jennifer Buxton as well, her blog can be found here: The props were by me, though the heat on the drive back killed my rail, arrrgh. I need to put it back together this week so I can get some better win pictures. :0)

Towards the end of the day, without performance showing and sticky wax on my mind, I was able to take pictures of a few of the AR halter classes, including one that I had my final piece of the day entered in. The AR Paint class was chock full of eye candy, so much that I had myself all packed up ready to leave when it was called, not expecting to place, and then I heard my name again! I couldn't believe it, the Matriarch I painted had made it into the top 10! I was so shocked I didn't even have my camera with me so I had to hustle back to my table to get it so I could snap a pic of my girl winning her pretty purple ribbon! So far, in the three shows she has been to, she has placed second, first plus a Reserve champ of stock breeds, and has taken a top 10 at the biggest show of them all... so far so good! She even got to wear her little stock halter that I made special for her to match her blue eye, OK, I'm a dork, but it looks nice on her, lol. (the head shot shows her coloring way better then I was able to swing at the show)

Overall I am so happy and proud, and glad I was able to go. I hope I will get to attend the Kentucky NAN next year, it was so much fun, and I met so many nice people whom I had only known from the internet, it was great. (*waves to Angela, Lauren, Erin and Wendy*)The link for the entire album is below, there are 370 or so pictures, and I got most of the performance entries I was present (or not running around like a headless chicken while they were on the table) for, and a few classes like AR appaloosa, Paint and some of the Mustangs too. Enjoy, and have a great week!