Friday, April 17, 2009

Show report!

A few weeks late, but better than never, right?
I went to Sarah Tregay's Appy Country Live show in Boise a few weeks ago (the 4th), and it was great! Sarah runs a tight ship, we did performance and OF and CM (mini and trad. ) halter in ONE day! Whew! The class lists were condensed a bit, but still varied enough to let me show lots of ponehs and tack.

I am pleased to announce that my Mindy resin, painted by myself, took another championship home, this time an Overall Grand Championship of CM mini, she's on a roll! I am so proud of that little gal, she has so many subtle details that are hard to capture on the camera properly, I am so glad she's doing so well. She'll be off to NAN for sure, with or without me, lol. My matriarch resin did very well at this show also, winning second in her paint class and reserve champ of stock breeds too! She is painted by myself, and is featured (and more properly photographed) in another blog post around here somewhere!

I also got the chance to experiment a bit in Dressage, using the new doll (and horse) from the Elegance Dressage set, she is really easy to pose, and she actually stays where you put her! I'd like some flexion in her heels, but overall she sits nicely and her clothes are pretty nice too! Not sure if I will use her at NAN, I'll be enough of a wreck already, but I may. My English entries both took first in their classes, in their amazing Jennifer Buxton tack, with my dressage entry placing as Champion of English perf., and my English pleasure (Saddleseat) entry taking Reserve Champion, on its debut showing! The Knightly Cadence is finished by myself as well.

As far as my work goes, I was not able to pull my Arabian costume entries together well enough to place over third in that class, we got lost on our way to the show hall (only about 10 minutes out from home too, grr.) as hubby tried an 'alternate route' so I arrived with about 5 minutes to unpack and get my English pleasure entry as well as the two costumes up, I was a wreck!
I did do well with my green EDH costume once more though, it took a first place in Other perf. and a Championship of Other performance as well, so yay!

One of the greatest things about the day, is, that Sarah was also running a youth show during our show, so I brought my two (very sleepy, lol) kiddos along with some of their horses, they had a great time and did really well too! My littlest one showed mostly her schleich horses that she plays with, but Madison, my oldest has a pretty nice show string for a 9 year old. She won a few division championships along with winning the overall reserve Champ, after that I'd say she's hooked! (the shot on the top is of the models of hers that went to final callbacks) So here's to spreading the hobby to our younger generation, it's such a great thing to be able to show together with my girls, we had a ball.
I'll be back with some goodies to share next week!