Monday, February 16, 2009

Sneak peeks!

Two more things that are to be done in the near future, though one (the green EDH) will be much more near than the other. The pics are clickable as always, but do remember, the embroidered piece is in the picture with a quarter for scale, blown up it's probably gonna look a bit messy. It's also my first try at a hand embroidered set, and holy buckets is that a lot of stitching!
Here's hoping to have at least one model Q'd for NAN who can wear just may take that long to finish!
Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Building a small stockpile...

Of Tack! This is the first of four pieces I hope to get finished by Las Vegas Live in another month. I know I will at least have three of them done, the fourth, my first hand embroidered piece is driving me nuts. I am not a very patient person, I like results, at least in a reasonable time frame, so spending 3 hours putting tiny little dots of color around a rectangular piece of cloth is not my idea of progress. I would be a lot faster if I was not so darn anal about spacing, size, etc. but I guess that's OK, and probably preferred in the long run. :0)

So anyhow, here is number one in my little tack arsenal, an 'El Badia' beaded style costume, complete with separate bridle and halter, so the halter and chestpiece could be used without the rest of the set. It fits a few different sizes of Arabians, so I am hoping to use it for the OF and CM classes, and then again at another show in April. This is the first Traditional costume (not EDH or anything else) since LVL '07, so I am so excited to have one done!

Enjoy the pics!