Monday, December 20, 2010

Posh Pony Pockets!

Recently my mom was out of work, and while she was not working, I asked if she would make me some pouches to put my models in for transportation to shows. I was tired of miles and miles of bubble wrap, and not having enough, or worse, having too much at the end of packing up each time. When I do get to go to a show, I want to spend my time looking at other models, talking with friends or actually showing -- not fighting with the bubble wrap Kraken that spills out of my totes and onto the floor under the table.

I also asked her to please make the pouches a little more fashionable than the ones I already had (What can I say, I like cute/trendy colors and patterns!), and to make them nice and plush to keep my models safe. To keep a long story short, she delivered, in a big way! She made me a batch for my collection and when I saw the results I asked her to make some more to see if the rest of the collecting world would be as impressed as I have been with them.

So today I am putting up a few for sale, to see what you guys think, and to get them out there to get some reviews. I have a good array of sizes here, and she is willing to take on custom sizes as well if these sell and are well received.

The ad can be viewed here:

Each pouch is lined in high quality white micro-fleece and all edges/seams are serged and sewn to avoid fraying. Closures on some of them are Velcro, while others tie with ribbon. Each picture makes it clear what kind of closure is featured, no worries. The outer fabric is cotton quilting fabric, and they are cushioned with premium, high-loft quilt batting between the fleece and cotton layers. Some of the initial batch will feature a plastic sleeve to put the model's name in; she can add them to orders in the future if desired for no additional cost.

Custom orders will depend on the amount of time she has in the near future; she wished for, and received a new job for Christmas (yay!), so she is spending a lot of her free time learning the ropes instead of slaving away for the model horse hobby. ;0) If you need special sizes, please drop me a line and we can see what we can work out.

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